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玖拾加快讯 | Invitation of Canton Fair & Cerambath



本月,第125届广交会一期将在4月15日到4月19日举行,而第33届陶博会则在4月18日到4月21日举行。90+ Ninetyplus 将会如期参加这两个海内外瞩目的展会,为世界各地用户推送我们的产品,期待您的光临。

This month, the first phase of the 125th Canton fair will be held from April 15 to April 19, while the 33rd Cerambath will be held from April 18 to April 21. 90+ Ninetyplus will participate in these two outstanding exhibitions to promote our products to users all over the world. We sincerely look forward to your visit.



陶博会 中国陶瓷城展馆 2F08

Booth No. : Canton fair(first phase) 9.2G15-16

Cerambath(China Ceramic City) 2F08


广交会展位 Canton Fair


The booth design of the Canton fair is semi-open, and creatively adopts a house model. With the blue-green and white colour, and product element walls, the booth creates a simple and comfortable visiting experience. In this booth, rustic floor tiles of different elements and part of our 3D wall tiles will be displayed.







陶博会展位 Cerambath


The booth design follows the design of last time, which is an awarded design of the 32nd Cerambath. The inspiration of this design came from the idea of house and family, which implies a meaning of high quality house. Same with Canton Fair, the light colour combination offers a comfortable and free visiting experience, making it possible for every visitors to appreciate the beauty of products and space. Besides, some of our new products will be displayed this time.