Professional 专业 Leading-edge 前沿 unlimited 不设限 Superior 出众 保持专业,始终走在行业前沿,想象与能力不设限,只做出众的产 品 是 90+ 始 终 保 持 生 命 力 与 前 进 动 力 的 信 念 所 在。

Professional, Leading-edge, unlimited, Superior. Maintain professionalism, always walk at the forefront of the industry, have no limits on imagination and ability, and only make outstanding products. It is the belief of 90+ to maintain vitality and advance momentum from beginning to end. 


90+注重产品创新,获得多项外观设计专利证书以及产品设计奖项。 90+“芭蕉叶”荣获佛山国际建筑卫生陶瓷工业设计大赛“最具岭南风格奖”; 佛山国际建筑卫生瓷工业设计大赛“创意组铜奖”。

90+ pays attention to product innovation, and has won several design patent certificates and product design awards. 90+ "Banana Leaf" won the "Best Lingnan Style Award" in Foshan International Architectural Sanitary Ceramic Industry Design Competition; "Bronze Award of Creative Group" in Foshan International Architectural Sanitary Porcelain Industry Design Competition. 



90+ is an excellent supplier of many international projects, and has been certified as an excellent supplier in overseas markets such as Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. At the same time, it is the exclusive enterprise in China that signed cooperation authorization letter with Panaria, the top Italian ceramic & rock plate brand.


90+回归国内市场后,获得“2021年推荐陶瓷品牌”、“工程建设推荐品牌”、“现代砖十大品牌” 、“亚洲酒店业优秀供应商”等奖项。全国网点于2017年已经突破100+。

After 90+ returned to the domestic market, it won the "Recommended Ceramic Brand in 2021", "Recommended Brand for Engineering Construction" and "Top Ten Modern Brick Brands" "Excellent Supplier of Asian Hotel Industry" and other awards. National outlets have exceeded 100+ in 2017.




90+ has rich experience in engineering cooperation, with cases all over the world. Rich products, which can meet different scenarios, including cultural and educational projects, government buildings, star-rated hotels and resorts, well-known chain stores, Grade A office buildings ...