Professional 专业 Leading-edge 前沿 unlimited 不设限 Superior 出众
保持专业,始终走在行业前沿,想象与能力不设限,只做出众的产品是 90+ 始终保持生命力与前进动力的信念所在。

Professional, Leading-edge, unlimited, Superior. Maintain professionalism, always walk at the forefront of the industry, have no limits on imagination and ability, and only make outstanding products. It is the belief of 90+ to maintain vitality and advance momentum from beginning to end. 


意大利著名建筑设计师、罗马第三大学建筑系院长Francesco Cellini于90+任设计文化导师。他设计了意大利知名瓷砖品牌PANARIA的3mm超薄岩板EXPERIENCE 0.3。90+产品研发始终保持与国际接轨,在公司强大的内核创新力下,诞生了许多优秀产品。

Francesco Cellini, a famous Italian architect and dean of the architecture department of the Third University of Rome, served as a design culture tutor in 90+years. He designed the 3mm ultra-thin rock plate EXPERIENCE 0.3 of the famous Italian tile brand PANARIA. 90+product research and development has always been in line with international standards. With strong core innovation, many excellent products have been born.



90+has established a strong product design team, focused on product innovation, and won a number of design patents and product design awards. In addition to the appearance design of the products, 90+also attaches importance to the demand for bricks for each cooperation, and has made suitable ceramic tile products for many different countries and spaces. This is also a big test of 90+product strength.




Ninety Plus was born with the hope of making the products with a score of 90 points or more and close to perfection. So Ninety Plus pays great attention to product research and development, and keeps on doing researches in the field of tile design and technology to produce more and more products which are loved by consumers around the world.

The continuous improvement of product strength it to make the space more beautiful. Ninety Plus has put forward the ambition of "Let every Chinese has a good-looking home", and has always been determined to move forward with this goal.



90+ has rich experience in engineering cooperation, with cases all over the world. Rich products, which can meet different scenarios, including cultural and educational projects, government buildings, star-rated hotels and resorts, well-known chain stores, Grade A office buildings ...