Discussing homogenization

90+ aiming at giving solutions to homogenization

How to break through the stereotyped impression of the ceramic industry? Aesthetic upgrade under the trend of consumption upgrade? Use design to make a better brand?

90+ believes that the way to break the phenomenon of homogeneity is not only the product, but also the space display. The spatial pattern is becoming a new battlefield occupying the minds of users. 90+ industries have pioneered a display design model that refreshes the impression of ceramic consumption-thousands Stores with various designs, with unrepeatable design power to showcase brand differentiation and design advantages.

Foshan Store

Thousands Stores with various designs

First and original pioneering 

Taking the representative work- Dwell series products as the main line,  it has broken through the limitations of industry standard , displaying modular functions, which will meet the needs of young life, defining the "light trend" fashion  by using the store matrix  form a space case library.

 The next eye-catching storefront, online thousands of sets of space display, is the 90+ "Thousands Stores with various designs" model.

Foshan Store

The designer and initiator of thousands stories with various designs

Also famous designer with numerous awards

Bill Chow, the initiator of thousands stories with various designs, who is also the founder of Guangdong Ninetyplus Ceramics Company and CEO of 90+ Light Trend Modern Ceramics, often introduce himself as a designer. He has been deeply engaged in the ceramic industry for more than 20 years, and has traveled to more than 60 countries. His forward-looking ideas have made his won numerous original design awards.So the world can see Chinas original design power, which is the goal he determined to step toward when he founded 90+ Light Trend Modern Ceramics.

The design concept of thousands stories with various designs is feeling via experience and body by immersing yourself in space to discover power and  aesthetics of 90+, and its advantages as well.

Design manager
Design Director

Behind the implementation of a model

Is a challenge with millions of questions

Bringing a brand new and impressive consumption experience to consumers, promoting "attracting customers" and helping "retaining customers" are the outstanding advantages of 90+ "thousands of stores with various designs". 

But then the problems and challenges are very demanding such as thousands of stores, styles and  markets, the combination brings millions of related problems. Based on research and insights, the 90+ space design team led by Bill Chow introduced the modular design concept of "Future Box".

Thousands of Stores with various designs and Scenario 

Unbounded Space: Use variable space to merge boundaries, erase barriers, and break the imagination of space.

Design style: simple and stylish, minimalist and full of connotation, styles are changeable, but always centered on the concept- less is more.

Scenario creation: Break the boundaries of product/space/interpersonal relationship and create a new consumption scene with continuous vitality

Construction of thousands of stores