Global Investment

Leading-edged Trend Market 

A Chinese brand targeted by a top Italian Ceramic Company 

This is an outbreak of brand enthusiasm and a proof of brand strength recognition.

With a unique brand differentiation positioning, a rich product system that extends to systematic customization and whole-house decoration, and a research and development and aesthetic system that cannot be replicated,  

products 90+ Light Trend Modern Ceramics have been exported to 87 countries overseas, and more than 100 domestic cities, with the brand advantage of "young trend", which are riding the new ceramic tile consumption track and exploring the rich ore of the young market.

Export star products

Five major joining support, help build brand super revenue

Accurately building brands with investment -International aesthetics, Chinese genes, light fashion, and brand power with its own traffic

Exhibition design support-Top-notch display design, achieving eye-catching focus

Precision marketing support-professional team station development, multi-dimensional performance upgrade

Training support-90+ college professional training to create a "sales" team

Terminal benefit protection-Two-way protection, strict control of the market, and benefits

Expansion of multiple channels-Regular designer training , research and other activities to help channel expansion and seize the high-end market.

Super income

Three major franchise qualifications, looking forward to your joining

Ability--Operation experience.

Reputation -Customer-centered, and  service consciousness.

High recognition- Corporate culture, implementation of  details.


Cooperation Process



Qualifaication Inspection

Business Meeting

Contract Confirmation

Store Construction

Opening Training and Operation

Long-term Instruction