Our exporting experience

In 2009, Foshan Griffith Building Material Co., Ltd. and Ninety Plus Ceramics Co., Ltd. were established. We base on the international market and focus on overseas markets.

Our products are exported to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, South Korea, Japan and other more than 80 countries.

Export experience

There is not a brand can deeply exporing the 210 million new blue market ,

Except 90+.

Ninety Plus has already focus on overseas markets for many years, it has a broader global vision, more professional material experience, more cutting-edge design sense and richer circle resources. They make Ninety Plus products establish internal control standards which are more strict than European standards and national standards.

Since its establishment, Ninety Plus has been followed the business philosophy of introducing international high-quality design concepts into China, providing customers with various high-quality and great-design products. Also it is always in a state of rapid development.

Export star products

Stone Valley

The real and unrestrained rock texture has conquered designers all over the world and it often appears in various design manuscripts and actual project cases. The excellent and durable texture makes it enduring. 

The Iwatani series has two completely different craftsmanship, creating two textures of soft surface and anti-slip surface to meet various design needs. 

Stone Valley


The ultimate realism of large-grain colored terrazzo and the stone textures simulated by each grain are unique, far superior to other terrazzo products on the market. 

Such an excellent product has been loved all over the world as soon as it was launched and it becomes a star product in a very short time.


Extensive experience in special selection of materials

With many years of overseas experience in global material selection and 20 years of depth research experience in top European tile products by the brand founders of Ninety Plus. It has unique advantages in product development, design, quality and application. Also it has a complete and unique set of product philosophy. 

Rich experience in material selection

Six More Standards

Benchmarking the quality of first-line products in Italy

6 more standard

First  Initiation of thousands of stores with various designs

Capture the consuming market with quality and style

Growing up in the material environment which  what you want , younger generation consumers demands are gradually escalating from functional needs to emotional needs. More than just original design and research and development of products, 90+ have pioneered the new business model of "Thousands of Stores and Thousands of Faces" in the industry, and are committed to becoming a service provider that provides customers with an ideal home space.

The  initiation of thousands stores with different designs  breaking the uniform form of standardized storefronts, incorporating minimalism and aesthetics into the space design to build a personalized consumption scene. A 200㎡ house will have 80㎡ material selection space and more than 120,000㎡ exhibition space, upgrading the emotional consumption experience.


How to recreate the way of life? Ninety Plus gives the best answer

After the Ninety Plus Products have passed strict export tests, it have also been well received in the domestic market and have a great reputation in the market quickly. For now, although Ninety Plus is focusing on domestic market, it does not forget the original heart. According to understanding the consumption tendency of domestic market, we always follow the service concept as ‘ we do addition, doing subtraction for you. At the same time, with the high quality and spiritual needs, we created the better Ninety Plus products, named PLAIN SKIN CERAMICS, providing the more comfortable and simple lifestyle for consumers. 

Simple life, starting from +

Standard upgrade and go further 

On the basis of the original six higher standards, 90+ raises the new four higher standards and one clean which are more suitable for the domestic market:

 lighter design, lighter color, softer light,More beautiful texture, smoother touch and easier cleaning.

add more stringent standards


After market survey, combined with the standards of "Four Higher Standards and One Clean", 90+ has launched a plain color skin tile,

starting with plain colors and focusing on skin feeling, to achieve "super soft and easy to clean" and is committed to bringing simple life for consumers.


Tile and slab integration

We found that consumers are always confused about whether to choose ceramic tile or slab, and it is difficult for designers to find completely matching tiles and slabs. 

90+ is the first in the industry to put forward the concept of "integration of ceramic tile and slab", providing a full-size supporting system. 90+ is born for demand and changes for demand.

Tile and slab integration