Thousands cities with various home and houses

For 90+, a country has thousand of cities, and a city has thousands of lights. The city is the ups and downs of struggle and the flickering and amiable warm light. 

90+ believes in "design changes life", we hope to beautify the living space of thousands of families,  letting every Chinese have a good-looking home"

Wanjia Denghuo

Design with +

The idea of craft aesthetics is both sustainable and evolutionary. In each project case, it is not only the stacking of reinforcement and cement, but also 90 + Advanced Research on space beautification, making the design a container for each family to place "my body" and "my heart". 

The design has "+" and depth.


City with +

From the three perspectives of space, product, and people, and the five dimensions of temperature, fashion, freedom, ingenuity, and wisdom, 

90+ light trend modern ceramics work together with well-known developers, foreign brands and other companies to create high-quality products and projects.

The city has +,and it will have a future.