Regular brands are the same

Interesting 90+  is the one in a million.

In 2009, Foshan Griffiths Building Material Co., Ltd. was established. Guangdong Ninety Plus Ceramics Co. Ltd is its wholly owned subsidiary. In 2006, the brand was registered in Italy, based on international and benchmarking the best standards with world. It has focused on overseas market for many years, keeping on continuous deep development and growing brand influence and products strength gradually. With a strong international background, Ninety Plus did the depth research for more than 15 years, and held the inner needs of modern consumers. Also Ninety Plus benchmarked the world’s fashion trends and created the high-quality products which matched modern aesthetics.

Now the inner needs and aesthetics level are growing up gradually from modern consumers, then Ninety Plus always uses the most cutting-edge aesthetic thinking to catch every point of demand in the market. Whatever from product texture, space creation, aesthetic delivery, custom application, brand functions and so on, all of them convey a refreshing consumer feeling. So it won the Chinese Building Ceramics Fast-growing Brands, Benchmark Brands, Chinese Ceramic Brand List Of The Top Ten Brands For Wall Tiles and other awards. 

Ninety Plus believes that the space of home not only not only achieve the function of living, it should be created the way what you love.

90+, home for 90’s

With keeping up with trend as core, 90+ ride on the new ceramic consumption track, exploring the further path of young market.


Three kinds of brand kernel strength



Design Strength——

The first enterprise in the industry to put forward the "light tide" aesthetics is light, but just right, trendy, but not innovative. 90 + does not blindly follow or abide by rules. Through years of overseas market experience of the parent company, it refines the advantages of global first-line ceramic tile brands such as Italy and Spain, superimposes Chinese aesthetic genes, follows the truth, and achieves the word "light tide".

Ninety Plus continues to plow deeper and deeper in the field of tile, focusing on design and insisting on innovation. It has an excellent design team which is committed to excellence in product development and design, quality control. Secondly, Ninety Plus not only sets up a platform for specialized production in China & Italy and integrates the best global resources for development and design, but also creates a design and development team which is composed of well-known designers and technical experts. It is oriented to meet the needs of consumers and to improve the quality of products with innovative technology for ensure that the best quality products are delivered to customers.



Product Strength——

Ninety Plus has always insisted on the corporate mission of“Design changes life”,so the product style is always step with the trend of the times. From product to the space, each part goes through polishing with good care. All of them are only to create high-quality products which could meet more in line with modern aesthetics and more relevant to the good life. At present, the high-end tile products from Ninety Plus developed and designed by themselves are sold in 87 countries worldwide.

PLAIN SKIN CERAMICS are the main products which are launched by Ninety Plus. Ninety Plus through insight into the needs of modern consumers, with practicality as the starting point. It insists on lighter design, lighter color, more beautiful texture, softer light, more moist touch and easier cleaning (Five More and One Clean) as the standard of products, creating a simple life for consumers.



Service Strength——

90 + also aims at high-end whole house customization, extends to the supply chain of customized furniture, bathroom hardware and other large household products based on ceramic tiles, rock plates and other products, and provides integrated design and one-stop shopping services.

In order to service the consumers better and solve the problems after buying tiles for consumers, Ninety Plus launched an integrated aftersales service. Ninety Plus provides the dedicated and targeted services to consumers who have some problems with paving, aftersales and other issues after purchasing the tiles. According to the questions which are about tiles paving from consumers, Ninety Plus answers them one by one, communicate and follow up the related problems continuously, also provide the most professional and convenient solutions. From pre-sales to after-sales, Ninety Plus always provide the best service to every consumer with professional and high-quality service attitude.

Our Mission

Design changes life


Our Vision

Let every Chinese have a beautiful home