The 90+ wood grain tile "Amania" stood out among the worlds first-class ceramic tile brands and was selected by the project party. The 90+ brand has thus become the first Chinese brand to be targeted by Italian tiles. 

90+ worked with the construction party to solve the construction problems of paving on site, and conquered more than 70,000 square meters of paving. The project supply and after-sales service lasted for three years, It perfectly presents 90+ excellent product design, R&D strength, after-sales service, and technical support.


National Space Science Center, CAS

Novotel Jinan Jinniu Hotel

Novotel is premium hotel brand which operated by the strong joint venture between the China Huazhu Group and Accor Group. Novotel has more than 530 hotels in more than 60 countries and regions in global, and it has become a world-renowned business hotel. 

Novotel Jinan Jinniu Hotel is extremely strict in the selection of building materials, and after layers of selection, finally chose the star products of Ninety Plus marble series, FIOR DI BOSCO 715FB01S and 715FB07S. Ninety Plus depended on its excellent brand strength and superior design ability, then it provided Novotel with tile products that meet aesthetics and quality and is committed to creating a perfect living experience for customers.

Novotel Jinan Jinniu Hote

Yun Nan Mile Yuehu Hote

Mile Yuehu Hotel is a multi-functional hotel which combines business, banqueting, dining and accommodation. As the first hotel property project of the Yifeng Group, the Mile Yuehu Hotel carries more expectations. Therefore, the Yifeng Group attaches great importance to the space design and the quality of the materials, with strict product standards as the control of quality.

During the bidding period of the project, the Mocha series and Armenia Supremo series of Ninety Plus, with their excellent product quality and outstanding decorative effect, it won the bid to be part of material selected for the hotel apartment, once again shown the brand strength certification of Ninety Plus.

Yun Nan Mile Yuehu Hote

Zhui Yu Design

As a design team that pursues youth, fashion and quality, Zhuiyu Design Studio is extremely strict in the selection of building materials, they expected to create an office space which focused on both the physical and spiritual experience. It was not only in line with the design concept of the space, but also with quality and value that would stand the test of time.

After many comparisons and selections, Ninety Plus was virtue of the main products named Plain Skin Tile Master C series. It stood out from so many products and was chose by the project as the main building materials for part of the office space, creating a plain, clean and minimalist office environment. This also proves Ninety Plus is committed to creating the high-quality products that meet the aesthetics of the younger generation.