Super soft and easy to clean

We found that consumers attach great importance to the cleaning power of ceramic tiles, so we have developed micro-moulds with less undulations, soft-touch skin glaze, 

ultra-fine dry grain technology and gentle brushing and soft polishing that do not damage the glaze layer. Creates a super-soft, plain-colored skin tile, so that the dirt has nowhere to hide.

Super soft and easy to clean

Four higher standards and one clean

The design is lighter, the light is softer, the color is lighter, 

more beautiful texture,the touch is softer and the cleaning is easier.


Five series

There are five series composed of Power series, Miracle series, Dream series, Master series and Freedom series,

including powerful product matrix of 600*1200, 750*1500, 900*1800, 1200*2700 and other specifications.

Five series

What is plain color? 

 We have been controlling the balance between more and less,

so that texture and luminosity are controlled in an elegant but not bland level.

What is skin?

Porcelain dolls are used to describe the tender skin that can be broken by blowing and we describe our tiles by using baby skin-like feeling. 

Soft touch is the eternal pursuit of human beings.